Suggested scientific directions of the conference:

-methodology of psychology, experimental psychology;
-psychology of personality and social environment;
-mental health, sports psychology and valeology;
-psychology of management, business and marketing;
-development and educational psychology;
-socio-cultural aspects of psychology, ethnopsychology;
-interdisciplinary studies;

Breakout sessions will be finally formed on the basis of submitted articles and case reports. Within conference provides organization of “round tables” respectively thematic reports of the conference participants and special workshops and seminars for young scientists and students.
At the beginning of the conference is planned to publish a collection of articles by assigning ISBN. Provided articles pass mandatory review. The organizing committee reserves the right to reject materials that do not meet the requirements of the conference, as well as received after September 1, 2017. To participate in the conference are accepted papers presenting the results of original research. The structure of the text should contain the following sections: topicality, aim and hypothesis of research, description of sample, methods of research, results and their discussion and conclusions. Requirements for registration of articles are given below. For oral report recommended to prepare a presentation (Power Point), for poster report recommended to prepare poster A0.


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