MODERN PSYCHOLOGY scientific bulletin

Deadline for submission of materials for publication in the next issue of the scientific bulletin is August 31, 2023. 

The articles will be submitted only in OJS system


Modern Psychology, N2(13), 2023

Modern Psychology, N1(12), 2023

Modern Psychology, N2(11), 2022

Modern Psychology, N1(10), 2022

Modern Psychology, N2(9), 2021

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Արդի հոգեբանություն,  #1 (3) , 2019

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Արդի հոգեբանություն, #2, 2018




  1. Avanesyan H. M. – Chief Editor, Doctor of Psychology, Prof., Head of Chair of General Psychology, YSU, Yerevan,
  2. Berberyan A. S. – Doctor of Psychology, Prof., Head of Chair of Psychology, RAU (Slavonic), Yerevan,
  3. Lokyan A. B. – Doctor of Psychology, Prof., Rector of Public Administration Academy of RA,
  4. Sedrakyan S. A. – PhD, Prof., Rector of “Urartu” University of Practical Psychology and Sociology,
  5. Harutyunyan S. F. – Doctor of Psychology, Professor Chair of Personality Psychology, YSU, Yerevan,
  6. Grigoryan V. H. – Doctor of Biology, Professor YSU, Yerevan
  7. Aghuzumtsyan R.V. – PhD, Prof., Dep. of Psychology of Management of PAA RA, Yerevan,
  8. Baghdasaryan A.S.  – PhD, ass. prof., Dean of Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, YSU, Yerevan
  9. Khachatryan N. G. – PhD.,, Head of Chair of Personality Psychology, YSU, Yerevan,
  10. Gasparyan Kh.V. – PhD.,, Head of Department of Medical Psychology, YSMU after M.Heratsi.
  11. Babayan H. A. – PhD, Prof., Head of Chair of Psychology and Pedagogy, ASIPhC, Yerevan
  12. Papoyan V.R. – PhD, Prof., Chair of General Psychology,  YSU,
  13. Asriyan E.V. – PhD., Chair of General Psychology, YSU,
  14. Hovhannisyan S.V. – PhD,, Chair of General Psychology, YSU,
  15. Stepanyan L.S. – PhD., ass. prof., YSU,
  16. Sargsyan D.Yu. – PhD., ass. prof YSU,
  17. Hovhannisyan H.R. – PhD., ass. prof, YSU,
  18. Hayrapetyan D.R. – PhD., ass. prof, YSU,


  • Allakhverdov V. M. – Doctor of Psychology, prof., SPSU, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Akopov G.V. – Doctor of Psychology, Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities, Samara, Russia
  • Basco L. – Doctor of Pedagogy, Avignon Université, Avignon, France
  • Yermakov P. N. – Doctor of Biology,  prof., Southern Federal University of Russian Federation, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
  • Imedadze I.V. – Doctor of Psychology, Prof., Corresponding Member of Georgian NAS, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Oboznov A. A. – Doctor of Psychology, prof., Institute of Psychology RAS, Moscow, Russia
  • Kalayjian A. – PhD of Psychology, Columbia University, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Fordham University, Meaningfulworld, USA
  • Morosanova V. I. – Doctor of Psychology, prof., Russian Academy of Education, Moscow, Russia
  • Shevchenko R. P. – Doctor of Psychology, ass. Prof., Odessa National Maritime University, Odessa, Ukraine